From sport to work
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Sport together towards employment.




From sport to work : or how to recruit without a CV

Since 2019, Synergie, the Hauts-de-France Athletics League, and Pôle Emploi have collaborated to organize a significant employment initiative called "Sport Together Towards Employment." This initiative brings together approximately a hundred jobseekers and around twenty companies at a stadium for a day-long event. Participants engage in athletics activities together before participating in a Job Dating session, where they have the opportunity to connect directly with potential employers.

Building upon the success of a previous event coordinated by the Hauts-de-France Athletics League and Pôle Emploi Hauts-de-France, the "Sport to Employment" project continues its mission. Its main aim is to provide jobseekers with a comprehensive experience that combine theoretical workshops focusing on professional skills led by Pôle Emploi, and sporting events organized by the Athletics Leagues. Through these activities, participants are exposed to the values instilled by sports, such as discipline, perseverance, and a strong work ethic, while their behavior during physical exertion is observed. These moments also offer opportunities for interaction with recruiters.

Deployed nationwide in collaboration with athletics federations and employment centers across different regions, this initiative has garnered resounding success among candidates, recruiters, and even Olympic authorities. Notably, it has gained support from "Paris 2024," further highlighting its significance and impact.