Our commitments

our commitments
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Since its creation in 1969, Synergie has always been committed to following a responsible and sustainable approach with all its stakeholders in performing its human resources management services.


Through its CSR policy, Synergie contributes to the following issues: sustainable employment; responsible economic performance; compliance with human rights, ethical and professional rules; and environment-friendly behaviour.

Our social commitments

Implementing an anti-discrimination approach by integrating Diversity into Synergie's values, organisation and service offering.

Encompassing disabilities, professional equality, senior workers and social integration, diversity lies at the heart of Synergie's commitment. It has been made into a true value for the Group to give even more meaning to its actions and internal Human Resources Management policy. In order to support this commitment, Synergie has adapted its organisation by creating four task forces dedicated to these issues, which support our temporary workers and customers on a daily basis. Synergie is also able to advise its customers on the development of their own CSR policy, which forms an integral part of the Group's new service offering, le Cube par Synergie.


Fostering sustainable employment

Every year, Synergie makes considerable investments towards training, thereby contributing to the employability of its employees and their sustainable employment. A committed player in the profession, Synergie offers individual support to its temporary workers who have completed at least 800 hours of an assignment, in order to increase the term of their assignment by at least 5%. Moreover, since 2015 Synergie has set up its first permanent contracts for temporary workers, which guarantee job and wage security in-between assignments.


Taking action for employee health and protection

In terms of safety, Synergie implements a dynamic awareness-raising policy among all its personnel members in close collaboration with its CHSCTs (industrial hygiene, safety and working conditions committees in France) and with external partners, such as CARSAT (retirement and occupational health fund). Specific services are also offered to companies as part of the Group's new service offering (audit, single hiring statement, etc.). Our clearly stated objective is to reduce the number of workplace accidents.


Our economic commitments

Strengthening and developing business ethics

In order to incorporate business ethics into our daily practices, we have implemented an internal code of ethics applicable to all the Group's subsidiaries. This tool supplements the responsible purchasing charter, which our suppliers must accept.


Managing environmental impact

Although the services provided by Synergie have relatively little direct impact on the environment, we decided to make a firm commitment to an environment-friendly approach, considering that we are all responsible for safeguarding the planet.

Synergie has set itself the goal of developing increased ethics and awareness with respect to the environment, as well as instilling a sense of responsibility in all employees and managers throughout all subsidiaries.

In order to achieve this objective,  

- we are implementing an environmental policy subject to regular reviews;
- we endeavour to inform and raise awareness among all personnel;
- we are implementing sustainable development policies with our customers and suppliers;
- we are reducing our environmental impact by controlling water and energy consumption, reducing and recycling waste, and limiting CO2 emissions and business travel.

Several of our subsidiaries have already obtained environmental certifications:
- The head office of Synergie in Spain has had ISO 14001 certification since 2012, which was renewed in December 2015 for three years, and is gradually applying it to all of its sites;
- Synergie in Switzerland has been recognised in this area by Swissstaffing and plans to work towards ISO certification;
- Synergie in the United Kingdom is accredited by the Green Dragon Environmental Management Standard.