Personal Data Protection Policy



1- Preamble :

Synergie, a European company with a capital of 121,810,000 euros and headquarters at 160, rue de Paris, 92100 Boulogne-Billancourt - RCS Nanterre 329 925 010, processes personal data (as defined below) in the conduct of its activities, which includes the Personal Data of individuals browsing Synergie websites.

The purpose of this "Personal Data Protection Policy" is to inform all those individuals involved ("You, Your") about how Synergie collects and uses Your Personal Data, and about the means You have to control the use of such data. This policy also aims to define the commitments made by Synergie regarding the respect of the principles of European regulation n°2016/679, known as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

This policy does not apply to website of third parties that may be mentioned on Synergie websites.


2- Scope

This Policy sets out the principles and guidelines for the protection of Your Personal Data ; this includes the Personal Data obtained on the Synergie websites.

Synergie collects Personal Data online (including by email), in hard copy or orally (during an interview or by phone) ; this Policy applies to all types of Data collection and processing.

Personal Data means any information relating to an identified of identifiable natural person. An identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identifier such as an identification number, or to one or more elements specific to this person.

The Personal Data You agree to communicate, regardless of the data collection method (online, in hard copy or orally during an interview or by phone) is subject to this Policy and the applicable Terms of Use.


3- Collected Data :

3.1 General points

To access to some site features and to let Synergie assisting you with your job search, You must provide Synergie with some Personal Data. Personal Data collected may include, but are not limited to: Last name and first name; Address; Mail address; Phone number(s); Login and password; University, diplomas and classes attended; Establishment type (company, school, university, etc.), name of the establishment, size, department and function; Bank details; IP address and Any other Personal Data relevant for the purpose set out below. The collection of Personal Data is limited to data strictly necessary for the purpose set out in Article 4 below.

You are free to provide either none, some or part of Your Personal Data. No personal data is collected without You having voluntarily decided to give it. However, if You were to decide not to provide your data, this might obstruct the realization of the objectives in Article 4 hereinafter, and some services and features may not function properly on the websites.


3.2 Data concerning children

Synergie is not intended to accommodate an audience of children under the age of 15, and thus to collect their Personal Data. Should the case be otherwise, Synergie undertakes to obtain the consent of the parental authority for the processing of such data, and to protect and process such as sensitive data.


4- Data collection methods and purpose

As stated above, the provision of Your Personal Data is subject to your consent. This Personal Data Protection Policy is applicable regardless of the data collection method (online, in hard copy or orally). For online collection of data, this Personal Data Protection Policy will appear on Synergie SE’s websites, and for collection by paper or orally (during an interview or by phone), information about this Personal Data Protection Policy will be provided to You.

Personal Data are generally collected for the purposes of certain websites’ functionalities and the business requirements of Synergie SE. Synergie collects and uses Your Personal Data for the purposes of its activity and in particular for:
- Management of recruitment ;
- Career and training management ;
- Payroll management ;
- Customer and suppliers relationship management ;
- Realization of marketing or communication actions ;
- Management of the security of goods and people ;
- Management of communication tools (phone, e-mail ...) and information systems.


5- Cookies

Cookies are text files stored and used to record personal and non-personal data concerning Your browsing on Synergie websites. Synergie may use “cookies” or other technologies that may collect or store Personal Data in order to improve services provided to You.

You will be notified the first time that You will receive a cookie and You will be able to decide whether to accept it or not. By continuing to use our websites, aware of the above information, You expressly agree to Synergie using such cookies.

You can also program your browser to systematically refuse cookies. However, in this case, some features and functionality of the websites may not work properly and you may not be able to access certain services.


6- Personal Data processing and storage conditions

The "processing" of Personal Data includes the use, retention, registration, transfer, adaptation, analysis, modification, declaration, sharing and destruction of Personal Data regarding unique circumstances or legal requirements.

All Personal Data collected are kept for a limited period depending on the purpose of the processing and only for the duration provided by the applicable legislation.


7- Links to web sites not managed by Synergie SE

Synergie SE’s websites may suggest you visit hypertext links leading to other websites. The link of our Website to these websites enables You to access complementary qualified information. In any case, Synergie cannot be held responsible for the content of those websites that it does not publish itself, and the User acknowledges that these websites and services of third parties or partners are completely independent of Synergie SE. The proposed redirection to a third party website is not necessarily considered worthy of recommendation and Synergie is in no way responsible for the editorial content offered in the sites concerned.


8- Data transfer

In the case of access to websites from a non-EU country whose legislation on the collection, use and transfer of data differs from European law, You agree to transfer Your Personal Data to the EU, European Union in the context of Your browsing the websites.

If Synergie becomes aware of the fact that a third party uses or discloses Personal Data without complying with this Data Protection Policy or in violation of applicable law, Synergie will take all reasonable measures to prevent or terminate such use or disclosure.

Synergie may also have to transfer Your Personal Data to third parties if Synergie considers that such a transfer is necessary for technical reasons (for example, for the hosting of websites) or to meet legal obligations. These transfers may be made by Internet, mail, fax or any other method that Synergie deems appropriate and in accordance with the applicable legislation.


9- Rights to access, to modification, to erasure, to data portability and limitation of processing

Synergie has implemented appropriate Personal Data protection systems to ensure that Personal Data are used for the purposes described above and to ensure the accuracy and up to date quality of such Personal Data.

You have the right to obtain the communication of all Your Personal Data kept by Synergie. In addition, you have to right to request the correction, updating, portability or erasure of Your Personal Data. You also have the right to limit the processing of Your Personal Data.You can assert Your right to access, to modification, to erasure or to data portability by sending a mail to Synergie’s Data Protection Officer or via the online form.

Postal address :
Délégué à la Protection des Données
160 rue de Paris
92100 Boulogne-Billancourt

Email address: [email protected]


10- Security and recipients of data

Synergie ensures the protection and security of the Personal Data that You have chosen to communicate to it, and this, in order to ensure the confidentiality of such, and prevent it from being distorted, damaged, destroyed or disclosed to unauthorized third parties.

Synergie is committed to respecting the Privacy by design and Privacy by default principles and, as such, has implemented physical, electronic and organizational safeguards to prevent loss, misuse, unauthorized access or dissemination, any alteration or destruction of such Personal Data. However, despite the efforts of Synergie to protect Your Personal Data, Synergie cannot guarantee the infallibility of these security measures due to unavoidable risks that may arise during the processing of Personal Data.

Since all Personal Data are confidential, access to them is limited to those employees, providers and agents of Synergie who may need them in the performance of their assignments.


11- Conflict resolution

Although Synergie has taken reasonable measures to protect Personal Data, no transmission or storage technology is completely infallible.

However, Synergie is directly concerned about, and with, the guaranteeing of the protection of Personal Data. If You have reason to believe that the security of Your Personal Data has been compromised or misused, You are invited to contact the Synergie Data Protection Officer.


12- Contact

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, you can send a mail to the Synergie Data Protection Officer (see article 9 above).


13- Effective date and revision of the Data Protection Policy

This Data Protection Policy may be updated as needed by Synergie or as required by law.