Our certifications

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Synergie is developing a policy of commitment among its employees, with the aim of satisfying as many of its customers and temporary workers as possible. This policy has been recognised by external organisations through various certifications that confirm Synergie's wide range of expertise.

ISO Version 2008 certification

Our provision of this service is certified ISO version 2008.
Since 1996, we have been relying on our quality management system to continuously improve the satisfaction of our customers and temporary workers, and to guarantee reliable and consistent service throughout France.

In addition to annual audits conducted by AFNOR, a team of seven auditors operating throughout France supports our teams with the continuous improvement of their work, in order to ensure:
- a selection of candidates based on reliable criteria,
- the monitoring of the proper completion of temporary workers' assignments,
- the administrative management of personnel members, in accordance with labour regulations,
- the provision of statistics.


CEFRI and MASE certification

CEFRI: French commission providing certification of companies that train and monitor personnel subject to ionising radiation in the workplace.
INB: French Basic Nuclear Installations.