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Through its CAR'Speakers program, Synergie in Spain is engaged with top-level athletes.





Synergie Spain commits to top-level sportsmen and -women by partnering with the CAR’Speakers programme (Centro de Alto Rendimiento or centre of excellence for sporting activities). This fruitful partnership sees athletes tell their stories to entrepreneurs and provides training by Synergie when they join a company.

The CAR’Speakers programme has a dual objective: helping sportsmen and -women at the end of their careers to become part of the professional milieu, and distributing and adapting their model of success to the business world.

In this program, Synergie is involved in training these athletes to help them join a company. After a short-lived first career, these men and women need to get their second wind and start a new career.
Patrice Martin is an example of successful reorientation into the Group:

After having monopolized the European and global water-skiing podiums for 15 years, Patrice Martin embarked on a more conventional career path at Synergie, where he heads the public relations department and represents the company at all organised events.

The Group’s employees: the brand’s best ambassadors prove their solidarity.